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Spring Brake Sale

The fuel filter on the Volvo XC90 is one of the easiest to change in any passenger car I've worked on. It's generally recommended to change the fuel filter every 60k miles or so, but on my XC90 with an unknown service history I decided to change it out at 80k miles when I purchased the car.

The fuel filter replacement takes about 20 minutes and requires only a 12mm socket and some sort of pan or tray to collect the pressurized fuel that comes out. On the XC90, there is usually enough ground clearance to get under the car without jacking or lifting it up.


Volvo Fuel Filter (S60 V70 XC90) - Genuine Volvo 30636704


1. If needed, drive the car on to ramps or jack up the passenger side of the car. Do not work under the car when supported by a jack! Always use jackstands!


Driving the XC90 on ramps gives you additional room to work under the car.


2. The fuel filter is mounted about halfway under the car the car near the door frame on the passenger (right hand) side of the car. It is held in with a strap that is secured by a 12mm bolt.


There's the fuel filter, covered in road grime!


3. Place a tray to collect the pressurized gasoline that will squirt out. Both ends of the fuel filter are connected with quick-disconnects and do not require any special tools to undo. If you have a fuel pressure testing tool, you can hook it up to the Schrader valve to relieve fuel pressure. if not, just unclip the fuel lines and carefully aim them into the tray when you pull the line away.


This Schrader valve can be used to relieve the fuel pressure.


4. Remove the 12mm bolt that straps the fuel filter into the chassis and slide the old fuel filter out, paying attention to the arrow that indicates flow direction.

5. Replace the fuel filter when your new one - again, paying attention to the arrow for fuel flow. The fuel disconnect lines should reconnect with a solid "click" to indicate they are locked on. Replace and tighten the 12mm bolt strapping the fuel filter in and tighten to 24 n-M (~18 ft-lb).


6. Cycle the key from OFF to Position II a few times to prime the fuel pump and pressurize the fuel system - you will be able to hear as the fuel system is purged of air.

7. Inspect the new filter assembly to make sure there are no leaks in the system. Also make sure the quick-disconnect lines are attached correctly and are not leaking.

8. Start the engine and make sure everything is running correctly with no leaks - the first time you crank over the engine it may take longer to start as the fuel system builds pressure. You may need to cycle the key from OFF to Position II a few more times to cycle the fuel pump and completely purge the fuel system of air bubbles.

9. Dispose of the waste gasoline in a responsible manner and enjoy driving your XC90!

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Written by :
Andrew Peng

Andrew is an aerospace engineer and car fanatic that enjoys working on his garage of Volvos and Subarus. When he’s not busy attending car meets and shows or taking things apart, he enjoys driving his cars and finding interesting new ways to break them. He can be reached via his personal website at http://andrewpeng.net, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, or Twitter.

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