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Along with changing to your spare tire and checking your oil, knowing how to change the headlight bulb on your vehicle is an easy way to keep it in proper order. They give you the ability to see through inclement weather and during the night, keeping you and others around you safe. 

If you’re the owner of a Volvo C30, a headlight bulb change is a simple task that doesn’t require any tools. This DIY will also work for a few other Volvos, so be sure to check below if this will apply to you and your vehicle.


Volvo Models and Years Applicable:

  • 2004-2012 Volvo V50
  • 2004-2012 Volvo S40
  • 2007-2013 Volvo C30


What are the symptoms of failing headlights?

  • Dimming or flickering of the lights when turned on
  • No light emitted when they are turned on

Whether you notice that a light is out or someone tells you, the bulbs should be replaced as soon as possible. Driving without properly functioning headlights could lead to a ticket or an accident. 


How long will it take to replace the headlight bulbs on a Volvo C30?

This job doesn’t require any tools. If you take your time, you should have both bulbs replaced in twenty minutes. Don’t be surprised if it takes less time than that.


How much will it cost to replace the headlight bulbs on a Volvo C30?

A pair of OEM low beam bulbs will cost roughly $30. A pair of OEM high beam bulbs will cost roughly $20. A small price to pay to make sure you can see properly.


Parts required to replace the headlight bulbs on a Volvo C30:


Steps required to replace the headlight bulbs on a Volvo C30:

Step 1: Locate and remove the silver headlight locking tab

To access this tab, you’ll need to open the hood. The hood release latch is on the bottom left side of the dashboard. Once the hood is open, locate the tab behind the headlight. It is silver in color and sits tucked in a cut-out in the radiator support.

Volvo Headlight Replacement Tab location

Volvo Headlight Replacement tab location

Next, pull the locating tab up and out. Set this aside until it is time to put the headlight back in.


Step 2: Pop out the headlight

Now that the locking tab has been removed, a couple of locating pins are all that hold the headlight in the car. Position one hand on the front of the headlight, and the other on the back of the headlight. Gently rock the light back and forth, pressuring the light out and away from the car.

Volvo Headlight Replacement headlight removal

The first locating pin is near the grill. This pin will pop out first. The other is located by the fender. Once that is popped out, the headlight will be free of the body, and will only be held in by its wiring harness.

Volvo Headlight Replacement headlight removed

Push down on the tab on the top of the plug that connects the wiring harness to the headlight. With the tab pushed down, wiggle/pull the connector off of the headlight. Now that the headlight is completely removed from the car, you can set it down on a table or work surface.

Volvo Headlight Replacement harness plug


Step 3: Remove the headlight bulb

The bulbs are located behind the access cover on the back of the headlight housing. To remove this housing, pull the two metal retainers to their respective sides and off of the cover. Next, grab the cover on the innermost side, and gently pull it off of the housing.

Volvo Headlight Replacement cover removal

With the access cover out of the way, you will have access to the low and high beam bulbs. The low beam bulb is the easier of the two, to access. To remove it, unplug the harness from the bulb. Then, grab the back of the bulb, twist it 90° to the left, and pull it out. 

Volvo Headlight Replacement low beam location

Volvo Headlight Replacement low beam removed

If all you needed to change was the low beam bulb, stop here and reverse these steps. Continue reading if you are replacing the high beam as well.


Step 4: Replace the high beam bulb

The high beam bulb is located farther inside the headlight housing. Before disconnecting the harness from the bulb, pull the bulb out of its socket, using the same technique used for the low beam. The high beam harness is long enough to reach outside of the housing, so pull the bulb all the way out and replace it with the new one. Pull up on the tab to remove the harness plug from the bulb. 

Volvo Headlight Replacement high beam removal

Volvo Headlight Replacement bulb outside of housing


Step 5: Reinstall the headlight

With the bulb replaced and installed back into its socket, it’s time to start putting things back together. 

Starting with putting the access cover back on, you can repeat the steps in reverse order to put everything back where they belong. This process will work for both sides, so repeat the whole process on the side you didn’t start with.

Now that your headlight bulbs have been replaced, you can get back to safely driving your vehicle on the public roads. If you're interested in more DIYs for your Volvo, you can visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

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