How To Change The Hood Shock On A BMW E30

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E30 Hood Shock

60 seconds is all you need to swap out your E30's old hood shock.

We all love the BMW E30's clam shell hood, but what we don't love is when that clam shell hood falls on someone's head as they work in the engine bay. The culprit is an old gas strut, and like all old gas struts, they get worn out and fail. 

Luckily, swapping a new strut in is a quick fix that requires almost no time and no tools. Here's how it goes: 

Video: For a full tutorial on the process, click the video below and don't forget to subscribe. 

Tools needed to complete this repair:
  • Flat Head Screw Driver
  • Small Pry Bar
Parts needed:

Step 1: Pop and prop open the hood 

Step 2: On the driver's side of the engine bay, locate the hood shock and remove the securing tab using a flat head screwdriver.

Step 3: Pop your existing hood shock off from the securing tabs. This shouldn't take much force. 

Step 4: Clean up the mounting areas and install your new hood shock.

Step 5: Install the securing tab. That's it.  

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