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Oil changes are an essential part of car ownership. The oil’s job is to keep everything inside the engine lubricated and happy. For the latest generation of Volkswagen EA888 engines, Volkswagen has introduced a new grade of oil requirement. The new 508-grade of synthetic oil is a lighter 0W-20 weight oil than the 5W-20 required previously. The new grade will improve wear and fuel economy without sacrificing any performance.

Changing your oil can be an essential step in learning how to service your vehicle. Oil changes are some of the most straightforward jobs you can do at home and can make you more conscious of the importance of looking after your car. When doing the oil change yourself, check with us to ensure that you are using the proper oil. Using any oil other than the 508-spec stuff on Volkswagen’s EA888 will result in a voided warranty.


Symptoms and effects of unchanged oil in a VW EA888 engine:

  • Increased engine wear
  • Decreased fuel mileage
  • Decreased engine performance

In an engine, the oil’s job is to lubricate all of the moving parts. Without the lubrication, parts would wear rapidly, sending debris through the engine before it locks up.

Over time, the oil itself will degrade. The molecules inside of the oil break down, causing the oil to lose its viscosity. Modern synthetic oils last significantly longer than conventional oil but still require scheduled changes. Always check with your vehicle’s manufacturer or its manual to find out how often the manufacturer recommends changing the oil. 


What will it cost to complete an oil change on a Volkswagen EA888?

The kit we sell for this job contains all of the parts needed and costs $99.13. For that, you get a new OE filter, all 6 liters of LIQUI MOLY 508-grade oil, and a new drain plug. Volkswagen requires that you use the proper grade of oil in their EA888 engine, and seeing as the 508-grade is relatively new, it isn’t easy to find at your local auto parts store. 

It’ll cost around double that to have an oil change performed by an independent shop or dealership. On top of the extra charge, you’ll have to wait until they can get to your car.


How long will it take to complete an oil change on a Volkswagen EA888? 

The oil change process is not long. With the kit we provide and the proper tools at your disposal, the job shouldn’t take longer than thirty minutes. 


Tools required to change the oil in your Volkswagen Tiguan:


Parts required to change the oil in your Volkswagen Tiguan:


Steps required to change the oil in your Volkswagen Tiguan:

Step 1: Drain the oil

First, raise the front of the car any way you can. Your best options are using a jack and jack stands or some ramps if you don’t have access to a lift. Then, locate the drain plug on the oil pan. 

DIY Volkswagen EA888 Oil Change drain plug location

Place a drain pan under the drain plug to catch the draining oil. Next, use a flathead screwdriver to remove the drain plug from the oil pan.

DIY Volkswagen EA888 Oil Change removing the drain plug


Step 2: Replace the oil filter

Head into the engine bay and remove the plastic cover from the engine. Pull up on each corner to remove the cover from its mounting pins. 

DIY Volkswagen EA888 Oil Change removing the engine cover

The oil filter cap is beneath the engine cover. First, place some rags around the cap to catch any oil that runs out. Then, use an adjustable crescent wrench or a 32mm socket to remove the oil filter cap from the oil filter housing. 

DIY Volkswagen EA888 Oil Change removing the oil filter cap

DIY Volkswagen EA888 Oil Change removing the oil filter cap

The oil filter sits inside of the oil filter cap. Pull the cap out of the engine bay and remove the old filter from it. Use the flathead screwdriver or a pick to remove the o-ring from the oil filter housing cap. Then, replace it with the new o-ring supplied in the kit. 

DIY Volkswagen EA888 Oil Change installing the new o-ring

After that, place the new oil filter into the cap. Place it in the cap and then give it a gentle push down to lock it into place. 

DIY Volkswagen EA888 Oil Change installing the new oil filter

Next, thread the cap and filter assembly into the oil filter housing. Ensure that the threads engage on the oil filter cap before using the crescent wrench or socket to tighten it. The torque spec for the cap is labeled on the cap. 

DIY Volkswagen EA888 Oil Change torquing the cap


Step 3: Pour in the new oil

Head back under the car and install the new drain plug. Thread the plug into the oil pan by hand to prevent any cross-threading. Then use the flathead screwdriver to tighten the drain plug. 

DIY Volkswagen EA888 Oil Change installing the new drain plug

The drain plug has a small tab on it that will fit into a slot on the oil pan once it has been tightened enough. Tighten it until you hear the tab click into place. 

Next, move back to the engine bay and remove the oil filler cap. Then, pour in the required 5.7 liters of 508-grade oil. Refit the oil fill cap after filling the engine with oil.  


Step 4: Reset the service light and button up the engine

Hop into the driver’s seat and hold down the “0.0” button on the instrument cluster. While holding it down, tap the engine start button without having your foot on the brake. Then, a “reset oil change service” prompt will appear. 

DIY Volkswagen EA888 Oil Change “reset oil change service” prompt

Press the “0.0” button with the prompt on the screen to reset the service interval. With the service interval reset, head back to the engine bay. Pull up on the dipstick to check the oil level. Add any oil as necessary to bring the oil level to the full mark on the dipstick.

DIY Volkswagen EA888 Oil Change refitting the engine cover

After that, refit the engine cover to the engine. Ensure that all four corners get popped into place before shutting the hood. 

With those simple steps, the oil in your Volkswagen EA888 has been changed. If you're interested in more DIYs for your Audi or Volkswagen, you can visit vw.fcpeuro.com or subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

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