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When faced with the "Alarm System Service Required" message on the dashboard of a 2000+ Volvo S60, S80, or V70, the problem is almost always the siren module, a device located behind the front bumper cover on the on the passenger side of the vehicle, just behind the wheel well. Replacing the siren module is incredibly easy and should take care of the error message you're encountering.

It's generally understood that the more a system relies on electronics and complicated technology, the more likely that system is to encounter faults and issues. In the early 2000s, luxury auto makers began to use more networks controlled by the ECU to operate everything from the sunroof to the climate control. Volvo is no exception to that trend and in their P2 models, there are some especially tricky issues that come up as a result of bad technology and engineering.



Parts Required To Replace A Volvo Siren Module


How To Replace The Siren Module

Before replacement, ensure the alarm system fuse on the CEM under the steering wheel is not blown. If it is blown, replace it, then continue with the repair if necessary.


The module is encased in a riveted metal box meant to prevent would-be thieves from damaging the module to silence it. Inside of the siren are rechargeable batteries that, by now, have likely failed and aren't able to hold a charge. Over time, the batteries tend to leak and can destroy the module's printed circuit board. Begin by removing the inner fender liner to gain access to the siren.

  • Turn the front wheels all the way to the right or jack up the front of the vehicle and remove the passenger front wheel for easier access.
  • Drill out the rivets from the front edge of the plastic inner fender liner.
  • Remove the plastic nuts from the protective panel in the fender liner and  remove the fender liner.
  • Remove the screw from the siren. Remove the siren.
  • Install the new siren, then rivet the box and fender liner back into place.


With the new siren installed and the fender-liner riveted back in, a simple VIDA software download may need to be performed by an independent Volvo technician or dealership. This will pair the siren with the car and eliminate any lingering errors.

We hope that this tutorial was informational and helpful. If you have any questions about fixing the Volvo Alarm System Service Required message, ask in the comments section below. 

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