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Spring Brake Sale

Spring Brake Sale

For those of us fortunate to live in areas that see snow, salt is often used on the roadways to prevent the formation of ice and yield safe driving conditions. Inevitably, salt will cover the car, however the rocker panels will take the most abuse due to their proximity to the wheels. This makes the area prone to rust. While they do not keep all salt off your vehicle, mud flaps can help catch some of the sling from attacking your rocker panels. These were the first accessory I added to my B6 Audi A4 Avant knowing this car would see daily use in the winter. Mud flaps can also give your vehicle a bit more of an aggressive, rally car look.

These can be purchased as a set of four for a little more than $100 at FCP Euro. The included instructions are like that of IKEA furniture; this DIY should help clear up any confusion.


- Front mud guard kit: 8E0-075-111-A
- Rear mud guard kit: 8E0-075-101


Front Mud Guard Installation

You do not need to remove the front wheels to perform this installation, there is more than enough working room simply by turning the steering wheel to the side you’re working on (turn the wheel all the way to the left if you’re installing the left mud flap).

Start by removing the two T25 screws in the wheel well lining and there is one on the bottom side of the lining.

Align the appropriate mud flap with the holes on the wheel lining and install the supplied T25 screws to secure it.

You would think that would be all…nope! There are two clips that “pinch” the mud flap to the fender wall. The first clip has alternating teeth on it which assemble into a plastic piece which will sit in the grooves on the lower part of the mud flap.

Use your fingers to compress the clip into the plastic housing as far as you can by hand.

Next, take the second clip and align it in place on the top cutout of the mud flap. Fold over the little rubber guard and use it between the channel locks and the mud flap to slide the clip over tightly.

Once it’s on, you can remove this rubber bit. I used it again to help me compress the first clip in firmly using the channel locks.

Repeat for the other side.

Rear Mud Guard Installation

You will first need to jack up your car safely and remove one rear wheel at a time, or both to install the rear mud flaps. There is simply not enough working room to install them without doing this.

Remove the two T25 torx screws in the fender liner.

Position the appropriate mud flap to align with the holes and insert the same T25 screws that you removed.

Next, seat the metal clips again to “pinch” the upper part of the mud flap against the fender. Its best to use a rubber mallet to knock them on, however, if you only have a hammer, be VERY careful and you can use it.

Using a punch, locate the hole at the bottom of the mud flap and push it though the bumper.

This is a regular Phillips screw that will go into the supplied nut. Hold the nut on the other end (10mm box end wrench works) and screw it in.

Repeat on the other side

You're done, and your rocker panels will thank you this Winter.

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Written by :
Noah Jenkins

Noah Jenkins is attending the University of Connecticut studying Electrical Engineering. He’s been around Volvos since birth. His knowledge and interest in European vehicles expands to Audi, BMW and Land Rover as well. He currently drives and maintains a 2004 Audi A4 Avant and a 1996 Volvo 850

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