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Summer Kickoff Sale

Summer Kickoff Sale


This is going to be one for the history books. 


Get discounted day or weekend tickets by following the instructions at the bottom of this post.

Then meet us at our tent this weekend for a free special designed event t-shirt celebrating the FCP Euro motorsports team, PWC, and Lime Rock Park.


Lime Rock Park is made of legends. Built in 1956, it's the oldest continuously operated road racing circuit in the United States. The names of those who have raced here, like Gurney, Moss, Posey, Andretti and Newman, just to name a few, are almost more famous than the 7 turns (only one of them a left!) that make up the track itself. 

Lime Rock Park - Sam Posey Straight

Photo credit: Lime Rock Park

If you've never been to Lime Rock Park, know that it is truly a park, first and foremost. No permanent grandstands means the track's landscape is preserved and even though that may seem inopportune for spectators, Lime Rock Park actually provides some of the best views for a spectator this side of Laguna Seca. Everywhere you go, whether it be on the hill near the left-hander, the uphill, or even the bridge to see the cars entering the downhill, provides the safest, closest view of cars on track with a lush green background that is second-to-none. Lime Rock Park is truly a one-of-a-kind circuit. 

Lime Rock Park Downhill - Spectator View

For FCP Euro, this race weekend marks the biggest event in the history of the motorsports program. First, it's the closest track to our headquarters in Milford, CT. Second, it's the one drivers Michael Hurczyn and Nate Vincent are most familiar with. And last but not least, our entire company is coming down to watch the race first-hand as well as family, friends, and vendors of the company. 

2018 VW GTI TCR - VIR 2

There's no better time to see Lime Rock Park than Memorial Day Weekend. All six PWC classes with cars ranging from every make and manufacturer will be in attendance. The action runs from Thursday - Monday, with the bulk of the events taking place on Friday (practice and qualifying) and Saturday (both races). 

You don't want to miss it. Here's how to come along for the ride:

Lime Rock Park Grandstands

Photo credit: Lime Rock Park

Lime Rock Park Grid



How To Get Discounted Lime Rock Memorial Day Weekend Tickets 

Pirelli World Challenge - Saturday General Admission: Normally $45 in advance, now $30 only for FCP Euro customers

Pirelli World Challenge - Weekend General Admission: Normally $95 in advance, now $65 only for FCP Euro customers


How To Get Your Free Event T-shirt

Come by our tent Friday or Saturday this weekend to get a free special designed event t-shirt celebrating the FCP Euro motorsports team, PWC, and Lime Rock Park.


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Written by :
Michael Roselli

Michael Roselli is FCP Euro's Content Director

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