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The early Mercedes AIRMATIC struts don’t have the best reputation. The comfort they bring when they are functioning is balanced by the prohibitively expensive repair costs when they go wrong. These days, aftermarket struts and springs from Arnott are the smart and cost-effective way to replace broken parts. The quality and design are better than the OEM strut, making them a longer-lasting product and less expensive to produce.

To ensure that their products don’t have any defects, Arnott sends out their struts fully charged with air. Great to prove their airbags can hold air, but a hassle for you who needs them deflated for installation. Luckily for you, we have a tip that makes releasing the air quick and easy, and all you’ll need is a 9-volt battery and a couple of wires.

How To Replace Mercedes AIRMATIC Air-Struts



Tools required to release the air from a Mercedes air-strut:


Releasing the air from a Mercedes air-strut or spring:

On the top of the front air-struts and the rear air-springs is the same three-pin connector. That is where the wiring harness from the AIRMATIC computer connects to and controls the air pressure in the bladders. 

TechTip How To Release The Air From A Mercedes Air-strut location of connector on the front struts

The lowest pin and middle pin are what need to be tapped to release the air. Take the BMW wires and connect one end from each wire to one of the pins. 

TechTip How To Release The Air From A Mercedes Air-strut connecting the wires to the pins

Then, take the other ends of the wires and hold them on a 9-volt battery’s terminals. Press the middle pin’s wire to the larger terminal on the battery and the bottom pin’s wire to the smaller terminal. 

TechTip How To Release The Air From A Mercedes Air-strut connecting the wires to the battery

The air will release out of the port for the air-line. If you don’t hear any air release, swap the wires on the battery terminals. 

And just like that, your airbags are ready for removal or installation. If you’re interested in more Tech Tips for your Mercedes, you can visit mercedes.fcpeuro.com and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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