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The easiest way to keep your Mercedes-Benz feeling new is by replacing worn interior items. Pieces like the steering wheel and shift knob wear the quickest and will bring down the interior quality from what you have come to expect in a Mercedes. OEM and aftermarket companies sell recovered parts, while others offer reupholstery services, but to replace those components, you first have to get them apart.

Removing and disassembling the shift knob is a basic job that requires no tools. Follow Kyle Bascombe's instructions on how to do this job without breaking any plastic pieces along the way.  


Mercedes-Benz Models applicable:

This DIY, while performed on a 2011 Mercedes-Benz E63 W211, applies to a multitude of models across a number of different chassis. The chassis that this DIY applies to, are:

  • W203
  • W204
  • W209
  • W211
  • W219
  • R230


How long will it take to disassemble my Mercedes-Benz shifter assembly?

If you take your time and follow the guide, the job should take no more than 15 minutes. Use care though as several plastic pieces can break if you aren’t careful. 


What will it cost to disassemble my Mercedes-Benz shifter assembly?

A dealership or independent shop would charge around an hour of labor to remove disassemble and reinstall the shifter. That means this could cost upward of $150 and that may vary depending on what needs to be done on top of that.


Steps required to disassemble a Mercedes-Benz shifter assembly:

Step 1: Remove shift assembly from the car

Put the key in the ignition and turn it to its first position. Next, open the ashtray compartment in front of the shifter. Push the shifter to the right while pulling out on the ashtray to remove it.


Next, pull up on the front of the shifter surround. Once the front is popped free, pull it forward to release the back.


With the surround freed, pull it up and disconnect any connector that is plugged into it. Next, lift it up as much as it will go. Under the shift knob is a black knob. Turn it to the left to release the shift knob assembly front the shifter. A firm pull upward on the knob will remove the knob assembly from the shifter.



Step 2: Disassemble the shift assembly

The shift knob and boot are attached to the surrounding bezel by four plastic tabs. Around the edge of the boot, on the underside of the assembly, are the four tabs. Pull them inward and push down to release the boot and knob from the bezel.


Now, push the knob into the boot until the black plastic is exposed. Turn the black plastic knob to the left to release it from the shift knob. Under that will be a locking cap that is held in place by four tabs. Push the tabs in at the same time and pull off the locking cap. 


A ½”-drive socket can help to release all of the tabs at once by placing the bottom of the knob into the ½”-drive. Then, use fingers or a fingernail to hold the cap down while you pull the knob away.

Now you can separate the boot from the knob by pulling them apart. 

Slide off the chrome trim ring once the boot is removed. Next, grab the front part of the knob on each side at the base. Squeeze and remove the front cover. 


If you have the push-button start, press in the two tabs under the front cover to release the button. Pull it out through the top of the knob.


With the shift knob removed, you can now repair or replace it with a new one. Due to shift knobs all being the same size and shape, these are interchangeable between models, allowing you to easily customized a constantly-touched part of your interior. 

If you found this video useful and want to learn more about buying, maintaining, and customizing your Mercedes-Benz, visit our Mercedes hub. There we have Mercedes news, DIYs, guides, videos, and the top replacement parts for your car. And if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. 

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Written by :
Christian Schaefer

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