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Metal keys are somewhat of a dying breed these days. More and more, automakers are turning to make the plastic key fob into the actual key. Aesthetically, they get to ditch the ugly key while decluttering what ends up in a customer's pockets. Though you may use the fob as a key or only a tool to open the door, having a good battery in your fob is paramount.


BMW designed the key fob to be the only tool you'll need to remove the battery. The battery in question being a CR2450-type. Flip the key around to look at the backside, and there'll be a button. Press it and pull off the top of the fob, revealing the key.

BMW F30 Key Fob Battery Replacement removing the emergency keyBMW F30 Key Fob Battery Replacement removing the emergency key

The key you pull out will allow you to open the door with a dead key fob. However, you'll also use it to remove the backing of the fob. Opposite the hole in the fob for the key is a shallower section. Press the key into the shallower section to unlock the backing of the key fob.

BMW F30 Key Fob Battery Replacement opening the back of the fob

Remove the backing of the fob, and you'll reveal the battery. You can regularly find the CR2450 battery it uses in gas stations and supermarkets if you need it immediately.  

BMW F30 Key Fob Battery Replacement removing the emergency key

On the corner of the backing is a small tab that you can use to pry out the battery. Put the new battery back in it with the positive side up, and refit the cover.

BMW F30 Key Fob Battery Replacement refitting the cover

Slide the tab on the bottom of the cover into the fob and press the cover down. Then, slide the key back into the fob and test out the buttons on the fob. If they work, carry on with your BMW ownership. If not, the remote may be damaged, or you simply put the battery in backward. If you're interested in more Tech Tips for your BMW, you can visit bmw.fcpeuro.com and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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