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A low beam headlight bulb change on an BMW F30 is a relatively job that requires only a few tools. The importance of functioning headlight bulbs isn’t something I need to go on about. They’re a primary safety feature, and without them, our cars would be useless for half of the day. This DIY also applies to the F20 2-series and F32 4-series cars.  

Along with changing your spare tire and checking your oil, knowing how to change the headlight bulb on your vehicle is an easy way to keep it in proper order. It’s the little jobs like headlight bulb changes that grow your mechanical aptitude and confidence. Soon you’ll be changing engine mounts and dropping transmissions.


BMW models and years applicable:

This bulb replacement DIY covers not just all of the BMW F30 and F31 cars, but it also covers the F20 2-series and the F32 4-series BMW as well. There are too many models to list individually, so if you're questioning if this fits your car, go to fcpeuro.com and enter your vehicle into the "My Garage" tool on the upper left-hand side of the page.


What will it cost to replace the headlight bulb on a BMW F30? 

A genuine BMW bulb runs $11.49. We recommend you change both low-beam or high-beam bulbs simultaneously, so double the cost of whichever bulb you choose.


How long will it take to replace the headlight bulb on a BMW F30? 

The most strenuous step in this process is jacking up the car and removing the wheel. Changing both bulbs shouldn’t take you any longer than half an hour. 


Parts required to replace the headlight bulb on a BMW F30: 


Tools required to replace the headlight bulb on a BMW F30:


Steps to replace the headlight bulb on a BMW F30:

The first thing you need to do is jack up your car. Feel under the car behind the front wheel. Under the car, below the door’s leading edge, will be the jack point. Slide the jack under this point.

DIY BMW F30 Headlight Bulb Replacement lifting the car from the forward jack point

Before you lift the car, use a 17mm socket to break the wheel bolts loose. Then lift the car and remove the wheel bolts and wheel. Forward of the wheel in the fender well is a removable panel. Press it’s two tabs down and remove the panel.

DIY BMW F30 Headlight Bulb Replacement removing the fender well panel

Behind the panel is the access cover for the headlight bulbs. Grab the housing’s cover and rotate it counter-clockwise to remove it. Remove the bulb with the headlight harness attached by using a flathead screwdriver to press down the bulb’s tab above the bulb’s plug.

DIY BMW F30 Headlight Bulb Replacement removing the headlight bulb

DIY BMW F30 Headlight Bulb Replacement separating the bulb from the harness

Pull the bulb and harness out of the headlight housing. Then, walk the plug off of the bulb and throw the old bulb out. Remove the new bulb from its packaging and plug it into the headlight harness. Don’t touch the bulb’s glass when you install it, as the oils from your hand can cause the bulb to break once it heats up.  

Fit the new bulb into the headlight, refit the housing’s cover and the fender well cover. Then, refit the wheel to the car. Use the 17mm wheel socket to tighten and torque the nuts to 140Nm, or 103 ft-lbs.

That’s how you replace the bulbs on your F30 BMW! If you're interested in more DIYs for your BMW, you can visit bmw.fcpeuro.com and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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