How To Replace The Plugs And Coils On A Volkswagen GTI 

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Volkswagen Plugs and Coils DIY

Even though it's part of your car's nervous system, swapping plugs and coils on your GTI is super simple. Here's how to do it. 

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Tools needed to complete this repair:
  • Tool 1 - 3/8 Ratchet.
  • Tool 2 - 3/8 6" Extension (preferebly one with a locking tab to secure the socket).
  • Tool 3 - 5/8 Spark Plug Socket.
  • Tool 4 - Pick or Awe (aid in pushing tabs in for coil connectors).
  • Tool 5 - 2 12" or longer zip ties (looped, to aid in removing stuborn coils).
  • Tool 6 - Dielectric Grease

Steps and How-To:

They're all in the video below, which explains it better than I ever could. Don't forget to subscribe for new videos every week. 

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