How To Replace The Plugs And Coils On A Volkswagen GTI 

Volkswagen Plugs and Coils DIY

Even though it's part of your car's nervous system, swapping plugs and coils on your GTI is super simple. Here's how to do it. 

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Tools needed to complete this repair:
  • Tool 1 - 3/8 Ratchet.
  • Tool 2 - 3/8 6" Extension (preferebly one with a locking tab to secure the socket).
  • Tool 3 - 5/8 Spark Plug Socket.
  • Tool 4 - Pick or Awe (aid in pushing tabs in for coil connectors).
  • Tool 5 - 2 12" or longer zip ties (looped, to aid in removing stuborn coils).
  • Tool 6 - Dielectric Grease

Steps and How-To:

They're all in the video below, which explains it better than I ever could. Don't forget to subscribe for new videos every week. 

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