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The FCP Euro Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is an obscure concept to most in the automotive community; as a customer before an employee, I personally thought there had to be some sort of caveat to a system that allowed you to warranty something as insignificant as a gasket and as substantial as a suspension assembly. Upon joining the FCP Euro Returns Team, I learned that it really is that simple. 

Because of how unique our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is, the returns process is one of the segments of the operation that our Customer Service Team gets asked about the most. As a way of ensuring that you get the entirety of your refund back as soon as possible, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to send back your FCP Euro return for a full and prompt refund.



Types of Returns

When discussing your FCP Euro return, there are generally three categories that we observe:

  • New Returns
  • Warranty (Or Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, commonly denoted as “LRG”)
  • Core Returns.


New Returns


New returns involve a part that is brand new and has never been installed on a vehicle. In this instance, maybe you decided that you no longer needed this part or purchased too many. This part can be returned, uninstalled, and in the same packaging that it was received in for a full refund within 90 days. When returning a new part that was sent in a manufacturer box (such as a part from BMW or Pierburg, for example), be sure to place the manufacturer box inside of a larger box for shipment. Not only does this nearly guarantee a safe return of your part when padded correctly, ensuring a full refund, but it also eliminates the possibility of receiving a 15% restocking fee should the product’s box arrive damaged.

  • When returning multiple parts, stay conscious of their size, weight, and fragility. All too frequently, we receive a stuffed box containing new parts ranging from brake rotors to headlight bulbs, and in these instances, all of the parts we receive are rarely intact. Any damaged parts may delay the return process and result in a partial refund, so be certain to take care and consideration in packaging multiple new returns. Heavy boxes almost always arrive with damaged contents within them.
  • Return paperwork should be filled out correctly and included inside of the package. This form is available for print under the “Hassle-Free Returns” tab on our website upon completion of an online return. This helps us easily locate your account information, your method of payment preferred for your refund, and any additional information that we may need to get money back into your account. By including your returns paperwork, you can further guarantee that you will promptly receive your refund.


Warranty (Lifetime Replacement Guarantee) Returns


LRG returns, or warranty returns, are a type of return that we take pride in providing our customers. The process is fairly simple; buy a part once and install it, and when it’s time for replacement, buy a replacement part and send your original purchase back to us. We’ll refund your second purchase as soon as the worn part hits our Returns Department. 

  • All LRG/Warranty returns must have a replacement order. As mentioned above, this means the part has been purchased, used, and a replacement part has been paid for prior to the return of the original unit. Parts not sold by FCP Euro or an original part of the vehicle from the factory will not be accepted.
  • When dealing with fluids or used and greasy products, be sure to bag and wrap everything that has the potential to be messy. Transit is rough on packages, so screwing on the cap of a warranty oil return is often insufficient. Packages visibly leaking or show stains on the box are often discarded by the postal service before even reaching us, so please pack appropriately to be sure you get your refund.
  • Parts that are consumable are not eligible for LRG return. This includes engine additives, detailing solvents and sprays, and anything else you would be unable to package and send back to us.
  • Warranty returns should also arrive at FCP Euro with complete, legible paperwork. This includes the original order number for the part purchased and the replacement order number of the recent purchase that is replacing it.


Core Returns


Core returns will generally apply to rebuilt or remanufactured products and most commonly consist of alternators, starters, power steering pumps, and power steering racks. When purchasing a part with a core value, you will likely notice a “Core Charge” added to your subtotal. Upon receiving your fresh part from FCP Euro, install it and send back the faulty unit to receive a refund of your core charge; a core return does not require a replacement order. We then take these parts and send them back to the manufacturer, refurbishing and recycling them to find their way onto another vehicle.

  • Be sure to consider the points mentioned above in packaging your core return. A part that comes back to us in pieces will generally have lost its value and may result in retention of the core charge. Parts that may be prone to fluid leaks could also be discarded by the postal service. Even if they’re already a bit dirty and greasy, package your cores with care to receive a full refund.
  • Return your core in the box that your new part was provided in. For example, if you purchased a Bosch starter for your BMW, pull the old and defective unit off of the car and send it back to us in the Bosch box. As with new returns, stick this box inside of another and pad accordingly to be certain it makes it back in one piece for a complete refund.
  • Core returns must also include complete paperwork, acknowledging that a core refund is desired. 

By following these guidelines and simple steps, you can be certain that when your parts hit our tables, your money will hit your account. 

As always, if you have any questions regarding the returns process at FCP Euro, we encourage you to reach out to our Customer Service Team and to utilize their expertise. 

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