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Many key fob remotes use a 3v lithium cell battery (CR2032). Checking its voltage will tell you whether it needs to be replaced or not.

Tools you’ll need:

Ready to check your remote’s battery?

Flip the key so you can see the Saab parts logo on the back. Now press on the logo and pull the key ring end out.

You’ll see the backup key revealed. It just opens the car door in case your remote doesn’t work for some reason.

With the backup key removed you’ll see a notched opening.

Insert a flathead screwdriver into the notched opening and pry it open. Be gentle, it doesn’t take much.

Carefully pry both sides away from each other and you’ll now have access to the CR2032 battery.

Take the battery out and use a multimeter to test the voltage. Both of my remote keys tested at 3.08v so I didn’t need to replace them. If it were under 3.0v then I would have happily replaced them.

Wipe the battery clean and put everything back together, which is the reverse of removal.

Test your remote key to ensure it’s still synchronized with the car. Usually when mine isn’t I just need to insert the key in the car and it re-syncs.

Now enjoy some piece of mind that your remote’s battery is good to go!

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Written by :
Gerry Tseng

Gerry lives in Cincinnati, OH where he works as a data analyst by day and enjoys working on cars in his free time. He’s spent over 25 years on domestics + imports alike. His latest efforts include a Saab 9-3, a BMW M3 and a Volvo S60.

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