How We Gave Out Over 4,000 T-Shirts At Lime Rock Park

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Simply put, Memorial Day weekend at Lime Rock Park was the biggest company event we've ever had. Here's how we made history.

 "One of the most difficult things when we started motorsports was the ability to incorporate it into the rest of the company," explained Nick Bauer, President and Founder of FCP Euro. And it's a legitimate concern—how does an eCommerce company who sells auto parts involve everyone who works there in a motorsports operation?

If you rewound the clock a year, the answer wasn't so clear. Just the thought of two brand-new Volkswagen GTI TCR race cars would put a financial strain on the business, not to mention the costs of tires, upkeep, race logistics, and everything else associated with running a professional motorsports program. And then there's the inflated costs of getting people to the actual races themselves. 

But now, after pulling off the biggest event in company history at Lime Rock Park for Memorial Day weekend 2018, the integration between the company and motorsports seems painfully obvious, as if one couldn't happen without the other. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our motorsports documentary video series, The Paddock



In this episode, we documented what it takes to pull off a event of this scale and proportion, going all the way back to pre-production meetings in the office. Two of our own employees (Michael Hurczyn, #71 and Nate Vincent, #72) drive the GTIs, one of our catalog managers is part of the pit crew, one of our service advisors is responsible for hospitality, part of our IT team gave out 4,000 shirts, our Director of Human Resources and our Office Operations manager put on the BBQ for all of our employees, and the list goes on, and on. 


The point here is—motorsports can, from the outside looking in—seem like a very isolated activity. Selfish, almost, if you focus on just the drivers. But we've managed to, from the bottom up, make everyone feel a part of something bigger than themselves. And that's what motorsports is all about. 

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