If You Didn't Come To Our Cars And Coffee Today You Missed Out

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Impressive. Enthusiastic. Unexpected. These are just a few words that only begin to describe today’s turnout at our July 2018 Cars and Coffee. 

With the parking lot completely full by 9:30am, enthusiasts young and old came out on a gorgeous July morning to admire an incredible array of vehicles. BMW, Audi, VW, Mercedes, Porsche and Volvo dominated the lot, but because every make and model is welcome at our shows, we had a great selection of JDM and American vehicles as well. Even a Ferrari 360 with a gated manual shifter showed up!


As a special treat, we partnered with NE30, a New England area BMW E30 group, to bring out a fantastic collection of BMW’s second generation masterpiece from all over Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. Because the E30 is so awesome, we typically have a bunch that show up for our Cars + Coffee events, but today's show was flooded with the best examples of the model we've seen. NE30 has some really nice rides. 


Hundreds gathered to admire, photograph, and discuss our favorite rides, while sipping on some cold brewed Boston Brew Company coffee. Both nitro and cold-brew coffee were available on tap, with all the trimmings to make your joe as you'd like. We also had a nice show of support for our furry friends with some generous donations of pet food for the Ansonia Animal Shelter. There were at least a dozen dogs on site and we love to see that. Next time our theme might be cars and canines...


Last but certainly not least, we'd like to thank each and every person who came out to our event for making it such a success. If you've been following the progression of FCP Euro Cars and Coffee, when we started it was only a handful of vehicles—maybe 20 or so. But now, we've literally outgrown our own parking lot, and had to park the overflow of cars on the grass. Next time, we'll absolutely plan to use the entire property (grass included) and refine our parking approach to make sure everyone who shows up has a spot. 

Also, we were surprised to see how many people wanted to order/pick up parts at the counter (which we always encourage people to do), and will promise to have our pickup center more adequately staffed for the next event. Long lines are never something we want to see, but we just didn't expect this many people to show up! 


Again, thanks to everyone for coming out. Check out our Facebook page here for the full gallery of photos, and be sure to tag yourself. Our next Cars and Coffee will be in September, and we'll announce it here and on social as well. See you then! 

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