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Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a professional racing team from the ground up? Whether it be the vision for the program, funding, logistics, or even just what happens after the race, all of these steps are traditionally shielded from the average enthusiast and viewer. The Paddock, our motorsport video series, focuses on exactly that, and we've just kicked off season two to show you what it takes to make it all happen. I'm a race fan, regardless of the series. Whether it be NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1, or straight-up grassroots efforts, it all fascinates me–but not for the reasons you might think. Sure, the racing is exciting, the cars, the drivers, etc, but these series all require the same steps of preparation and practice to be successful, just at different levels. You need money to do it, you need skill, you need help, and you need to repeat that process every single time you go out. Because of the competitive nature surrounding motorsports, teams are often reluctant to share this information. 

That's where FCP Euro comes in; we live and breathe transparency. We're an open-book company to our partners, employees, and our customers. When we started the motorsport program here at FCP Euro, we vowed to extend that transparency throughout the program, in an attempt to demystify the entire process to make it accessible for everyone. That's what The Paddock is all about, and if you haven't seen last season, click here to watch it on YouTube. It's even up on Amazon Prime Video!

Episode one kicks off with the business side of racing and the sheer amount of work required to make it come together. We go all the way back from SEMA and AAPEX in Las Vegas, NV where we secure partnerships all the way to wrapping the cars themselves with those very same partner logos. 

As this episode airs, our team will be at Circuit of the Americas for the first race of the 2019 TC America Championship season. To follow the race live, you can find it here as well as CBS Sports



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Written by :
Michael Roselli

Michael Roselli is FCP Euro's Content Director

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