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The half axle is rotated by the transmission, and transfers the transmission movement to the wheels. The half axle is composed of two different mechanisms. The inner side has three roller bearings, which move in and out of the cup in relation to the suspension movement. The outer end has a rzeppa joint, which transfers the movement to the axle around an axis that is parallel to the wheel hub. This end is bolted to the wheel hub and does not move laterally.

Both these ends are housed with flexible rubber boots. The boots main purpose is to protect the moving components, to hold in the grease used to lubricate these components and to prevent contamination of these components. Over time, rubber will become brittle and break down. Once this occurs, a tear may develop and contamination will enter into the joint. These particles will embed themselves between components, and act as an abrasive, wearing away at the components and causing accelerated wear. For this reason, these boots should be checked regularly. A failed boot will typically result in grease splatter around the wheel well, or around the transmission.

My boot tore and was flinging grease all over the transmission and control arm. EMPI sells a replacement boot, grease, and 2 clamps. I picked my Volvo CV Joint Parts up for about $28. 

Assuming you have the wheel off and the ball joint separated from the steering knuckle you will do the following:

Step 1

Remove the axle bolt

Step 2

Move the steering knuckle forward/backwards and slide the axle through.

Step 3

Using a pickle fork, pry out the rear end of the axle out of the transmission. Do this in a firm and swift motion. It should pop out no problem. I got mine out on the first push

The Damage

So much water had gotten in there that the grease looked like thick motor oil. It was very runny and milky brown in color

Step 4

Cut the clamps off and cut the boot off using some pliers and a utility knife

Step 5

Here is where it gets a bit tricky. You don't need to do this, but I did anyway to get it squeaky clean. There are 35 rollers per wheel on the axle. Why Volvo did this I will never know, but I pulled on the wheels and rollers fell out. The wheel will catch on the retainer ring, but go ahead and pull it off. You can do this without tools. Make sure you don't lose any of those rollers! Once the wheel comes off and the rollers fall out, there will be a retainer ring and another lock ring. The lock ring has a small split in it. Just put your fingernail in it and slide it out of the groove.

Step 6

Remove the retainer clip and pull the roller tripod off. I used a tie rod end puller. You can use a brass hammer, but I didn't have one.

Step 7

Clean the axle and wipe it down. Then put a bit of grease on the new CV boot opening and slide it onto the axle

Step 8

Hammer the wheel tripod back on using a brass hammer or some plywood and a framing hammer

Step 9

Reinstall the retainer ring

Step 10

Clean and dry all the wheels, rollers and retainer rings. Place a wheel over the tripod piece and start putting those rollers back in. If you get 2-3 in at even spaces, it will center the wheel and the rest should slide in easily.

Step 11

Put the roller retainer ring

Step 12

Reinstall the retainer ring clip. It's best to get the opening of the ring clip to line up with one of the 2 flanges of that ring. I used a small flathead screwdriver and slowly hammered it back in, working my way around. Once it seats, it clips in and you can tell it's on right.

Step 13

Grease 'er up! I worked the grease into the rollers for about 3-4 minutes to make sure there was no dry rubbing when I put it back in. That's where wear and tear will occur.

Step 14

Clean the end housing and fill it with grease.

Step 15

Dump the rest of the grease onto the tripod and slide the pieces together.

Step 16

Slide the boot up so the small end falls into the designated indent in the axle. The large end of the boot will slide into the grooves in the top piece of the CV axle.

Step 17

Put the retaining rings on and either tighten them or crimp them, depending on what you got. Mine were a crimp style

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