May 2018 Cars and Coffee: A Video Recap

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May 2018 Cars and Coffee Thumbnail

The best way to appreciate cars is through video, and luckily we've cut one together from our event this Sunday. 

Porsches, Audis, Volkswagens, Toyotas, Hondas, Mercedes, even race cars. We had it all on Sunday. Our cars & coffee events have quickly grown from just a little gathering in the parking lot to a full-blown car show, one that people travel hundreds of miles to attend. 

And with a turnout like that, it makes sense to have video, which is something you'll see at every FCP Euro event going forward. Whether we're capturing the sights, the sounds, random interviews, or just doing live videos to our Instagram, someone will be on scene with an FCP Euro shirt and a camera to document it all.

So if you want a few seconds of fame, or maybe even a little more (depending on your ride), be sure to introduce yourself and say hi!

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