Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG, SL600, E55 AMG, And CLS55 AMG Brake Kit - Benefits And Product Review

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Are your brakes nearing the end of their usable life? These Zimmermann rotors and Akebono pads for your Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG, CLS55 AMG, SL55 AMG, and SL600 not only replace your warped rotors and worn out pads but offer cost-effective benefits over OEM. 

Do you know when it's time to replace your brake rotors? Diagnosis is relatively simpleyou might have already noticed some of the symptoms without knowing what was causing them.

Your rotors usually make it very apparent when they need replacing. It's not uncommon to feel strong vibrations or shuddering through the brake pedal, steering wheel, and in extreme cases, the seat of your pants. This happens when your rotors become warped from overheating, or when your brake pads have worn down and leave score marks on the rotor.

If your brake rotors don't have the symptoms of being warped, that doesn't necessarily mean that they're not due to be replaced. All rotors have minimum thickness specification which you can easily measure using calipers or a micrometer (two tools in which I recommend everyone with a home-shop owns). If your rotors are at or under the minimum thickness, it's important that you replace them to regain optimal stopping ability. 

Mercedes Brake Kit Kyle

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In the video below, Kyle, our Mercedes Catalog Manager, explains why these Zimmermann rotors and Akebono pads are the better alternative to OEM Mercedes brake rotors. One of our favorite features of the Zimmermann rotors their anti-corrosive coating. After installing, you don't need to clean the surface before the much simpler bed-in procedure.

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