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FCP Euro Kits

FCP Euro Kits

Welcome to Really Quick Product Reviews, a new series where members of the FCP Euro staff quickly review various parts and kits in our catalog. This week, Technical Support Lead Kyle Bascombe unboxes and explains the features and benefits of our Genuine Porsche Center Radiator Kit for the 2005-2008 Porsche 987 (Cayman, Boxster) and 997 (911).

From the factory, these Porsches come with two radiators on either side of the vehicle behind the front bumper cover, but nothing in the front dead center. This kit has everything you need to convert your two-radiator system into the more efficient three-radiator system found on automatic Tiptronic models, including the center radiator, mounting hardware, air duct with front bumper trim, and the intake/return hoses for the radiator.

A bad, lousy radiator can be identified by severely bent/clogged fins and leaking coolant. If left unchecked, your car may overheat if your radiator is either bad or if your radiators, as is the case for these Porsches, aren't meeting your engine's cooling needs. The two-radiator system is perfectly functional under normal driving conditions, but if you plan on tracking/racing your Porsche 987/997, it's a good idea to add additional cooling volume to match the increased load on the engine. This kit is a direct bolt-on attachment comprised of Genuine Porsche parts, so you know it'll work in harmony with your vehicle from the get-go.


Purchasing each component of this kit individually would cost you $400-500, but thanks to our catalog team, you can get the entire kit shipped for under $300 and easily install it yourself in an afternoon.



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Written by :
Mansur Wisaa

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