Here's What Happened At Sonoma Winter Jam 2017 - Dapper Drift Episode 6

Sonoma Winter Jam 2017

Simplty put, Winter Jam is the biggest drift event on the west coast. How could we miss it?

RWB Porsches, E30 BMWs with custom hand-made suspensions, and pit bikes riding wheelies—all of which have become the norm at Sonoma Raceways Winter Jam, held every year in sunny California. 

This year, FCP Euro's own Denis Ivanov and his Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG were on the scene shredding tires and snapping necks, as there certainly isn't another four-door, full-sized Mercedes Benz going sideways in a cloud of tire smoke. 

We won't spoil the end of the video, but let's just say Denis had a relatively successful, reliable two days of drifting in the E55—until he didn't.



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