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Summer is just around the corner, bringing clear skies and warm weather. While that means plenty of outdoor activities, it also presents the best opportunity to get under the hood and take care of some much-needed maintenance. Since we offer so many parts for your European ride, use this handy guide to find some of our best sellers. If what you need isn’t listed here, don’t worry; shop the Summer Kickoff Sale this Memorial Day weekend on fcpeuro.com and get up to 20% off over 65,000 products site-wide. 


Audi/VW Parts

Whether you’re K04-swapping your Mk4 GTI, replacing the thermostat under the supercharger on your 3.0t, or changing the plugs on your R8 V10 Plus, we have the service parts you’ll need. 

Red-Top Bremi Ignition Coil

Engine maintenance often carries the stigma of being complex and involved because it’s the thing people connect with making a car move. Many moving parts indeed need careful attention, but general maintenance is very straightforward. Part of that general maintenance is replacing ignition components, like ignition coils when they’re worn. Misfires, rough running, and poor fuel economy are all signs of failing coils, but you may also need to replace them thanks to some power-increasing modifications you’ve made. Either way, these red-top Bremi coils are the right choice for restoring power and economy while adding a bit of flair to your engine. 



Graf 2.0t Water Pump

Fuel, air, and spark are the three essentials for making any gasoline-powered engine run. However, if you want the engine to run and last, you must prevent it from melting. It’s up to the cooling system to prevent that from happening, and the largest moving part in that system is the water pump. Water pumps can last anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 miles, so it might be time to consider one if you’re within that range since your last replacement. Luckily for you, this Graf pump for all VW and Audi 2.0t engines is on sale this Memorial Day!



Porsche Parts

There are many wonderful things about Porsche ownership, but the cost of repairs isn’t one of them. But, with the right tools, a carefully crafted DIY, and some parts on sale, you can dig in yourself and keep the cash in your pocket.

Porsche 997/996 Coolant Thermostat

The thermostat is the only moving part in a cooling system other than the water pump. Surrounded by electronically-controlled this and hydraulically-controlled, the t-stat uses old-fashioned thermal expansion for its simple operation. Once the engine heats the coolant to a certain temp, depending on the vehicle, the thermostat opens and allows the coolant to circulate through the radiator. 


This Borg Warner thermostat is a low-temp unit, meaning it opens up the radiator sooner than the original unit. While there aren’t any issues with the OE unit on most vehicles, those driven in hot climates or on race tracks may want the radiators opened earlier to keep the engine as cool as possible. This is your thermostat if you’re regularly tracking an M96 or M97-powered car like the 986/987 Boxster/Cayman or 996/997 Carrera.


Mercedes Parts

It’s tough to argue that no one has been more synonymous with luxury sedans and SUVs than Mercedes. But, like everything in life, there’s balance. The incredible weight—figuratively and literally—of peak luxury means regular and potentially expensive maintenance is a regular part of ownership. Tip the scales in your favor by grabbing your Mercedes parts during this Memorial Day sale. 

Mercedes Crankcase Vent Valve

Every engine produces positive pressure inside its engine block or crankcase while running. On most engines, there’s a PCV to relieve that pressure, but Mercedes uses a crankcase vent valve. They perform the same job slightly differently, so think of them as the same. A failing valve can and will push oil out past the cam and crankshaft seals, leading to much more expensive replacements. Don’t let a failed vent valve force a seal replacement before it may need one. Give yourself peace of mind and save money in the long run by knocking out some preventative maintenance.

Mercedes Crankcase Vent Valve M272 M273


Mercedes-Benz 722.6 Automatic Transmission Conductor Plate

The Mercedes 722.6 five-speed automatic transmission was a staple across European and American manufacturer lineups for nearly two decades. Found in everything from an R170 SLK230 to the Porsche 997.1 Turbo to the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, it was smooth, quick-shifting, and could easily handle over 500 lb-ft or torque. Unfortunately, it isn’t perfect, and the culprit is often the conductor plate. 


The 722.6 conductor plate houses the shift solenoids and performs electrical sensing functions within the transmission. Its speed sensor often fails, causing erratic shifting, a check engine light, and a transmission stuck in limp mode. A new 722.6 conductor plate is likely in your future if you’re experiencing any of those symptoms. 


BMW Parts

BMWs are some of the best driving machines out there. Older models are the pinnacle of playful and precise sport sedans, while newer models have morphed into luxurious, turbocharged bruisers. No matter which era your BMW is from, you’ll be needing parts at some point, and this Memorial Day, you can grab them on sale.

BMW ZF 8HP Oil Pan & Filter

ZF’s eight-speed automatic transmission has become the benchmark for all modern auto ‘boxes. It shifts nearly as quickly as a DCT, is bulletproof, and relatively inexpensive compared to other two-pedal options. BMW has been one of the more prolific adopters, with the 8HP available in nearly every model. According to the Bavarian manufacturer, the 8HP has a lifetime fluid, but many owners have found that’s not the case. We recommend regular fluid changes, and with that comes a new filter and oil pan. Although a bit more involved than an engine oil change, replacing your automatic transmission fluid is just as important to a healthy drivetrain. 



BMW N54 Boost Control Solenoid

The N54 was a revolution for BMW when it debuted in the E9x chassis. The twin-turbo straight-six was robust and easily tuned for way more power than stock, but it was far from perfect. Although many issues have been solved, the boost control solenoid remains a common but unserious problem. A few check engine codes and dashboard warnings of low boost pressure are your indicators, and reduced engine power is the result of a faulty solenoid. 


These tend to fail on a whim but don’t take an enormous effort to replace, so it may behoove you to have a couple on the shelf waiting for when the two on your engine pop. Each turbocharger uses its own solenoid, but they don’t typically fail together, so you may get away with having a singular backup. Or you can take advantage of the Memorial Day sale and grab two while they’re on sale. 


Volvo Parts

Although Volvo’s safety is class-leading, their need for maintenance is just like everyone else. PCVs, active struts, and other involved systems are typical faults for the Swedes, but thankfully, none are too complicated to need professional tools and training. Shop your Volvo parts during this Memorial Day sale and have your ride running right in no time. 

Volvo 4C Suspension Monroe Struts

In the middle of the ‘00s, Volvo debuted their P2 S60R and V70R models, which featured a new active suspension system designed by Ohlins and built by Monroe. Much to the chagrin of many owners, the expensive struts weren’t the most reliable, leaving many footing a hefty bill. These days, the 4C setup is better than its initial iteration, but the struts remain more expensive than their passive counterparts. However, now that they’re on sale, you can save some extra money and still get the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee that’ll save you if the new struts ever need replacing. 



Windshield Molding Repair Kit

The V70 and XC70 are two of Volvo’s most popular models. On each of them, Volvo used thick aluminum and rubber strips along the sides of the windshield to seal the edges and act as trim. Unfortunately, the aluminum in the original strips tends to corrode and likely already has in the nearly two decades since leaving the production line. If you’re suffering from corroded trim, this rust-proofed Skandix replacement is your savior. It’s built to the standards of the no-longer-available original pieces but with better aluminum to prevent the nasty bubbling of corrosion. 


While this list covers some of the more popular products on sale this Memorial Day, it barely scratches the surface of everything that’s covered. The best way to find the parts you need for your Euro machine is to head over to fcpeuro.com and enter your vehicle's information in the “My Garage” section on the upper left side of the page. From there, you can explore all of the stand-alone parts and kits put together to ensure you have everything you need to get your vehicle back to 100%.

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