BMW N54 Ownership Guide - Common Faults, Failures, and Repairs

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While the BMW N54 is one of the most capable, sought-after engines in the marketplace, they’re not without their faults. Here’s a complete guide on why they’re so popular, what to look for when ...

The Definitive Guide To The Mercedes-Benz M272 And M273 Engines - Common Failure Symptoms and Diagnosis

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When you think of a ten-year-old Mercedes, what's the first thing you imagine? For me, it's comfort and luxury, not high performance and reliability. But in reality, the M272 and M273 engines ...

How To Buy (And Own) A BMW E36

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The BMW E36 gets a reputation for being unreliable and costly to own. In actuality, the E36 is one of the most reliable and affordable BMW's you can buy today. With prices on the rise, clean examples ...

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