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An Insider's Guide to FCP Euro

Posted by Michael Hurczyn
on Jul 19, 2018
We help European car owners have a more enjoyable and enduring ownership experience. Here’s how we do it:... Read more

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Join Us For Cars & Coffee On July 29th!

Posted by Michael Roselli
on Jul 8, 2018
If you can make it, we'd love to have you!... Read more

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Why This $5000 1990 Volvo 740 16-Valve Wagon Was The Best Deal On The Internet

Posted by Tim Wong
on Jun 21, 2018
Bring a Trailer has been a wonderful waste of time during my lunch hours. When I need a break from the every day grind, I pop open BAT and ... Read more

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Why I Hate My Non-European Car

Posted by Rob DiCola
on Jun 15, 2018
You know that feeling when you can’t pinpoint what sickness you have, but you just feel weak and exhausted? That’s how I feel in my Civic ... Read more

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How We Gave Out Over 4,000 T-Shirts At Lime Rock Park

Posted by Michael Roselli
on Jun 13, 2018
Simply put, Memorial Day weekend at Lime Rock Park was the biggest company event we've ever had. Here's how we made history.... Read more

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Cars and Coffee Event Recap - June 2018

Posted by Mansur Wisaa
on Jun 11, 2018
Come for the cars, stay for the coffee. ... Read more

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The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide

Posted by JR Huntington
on Jun 11, 2018
Remember all those times when something went wrong and only dad could help fix it? It's time to pay him back and this year, we know exactly ... Read more

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Humble Mechanic Charles Explains Everything Wrong With Our MK5 Project Car

Posted by Michael Roselli
on Jun 1, 2018
Mechanically, at least. The rust is a whole other issue. ... Read more

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Cars And Coffee Is Back June 10th!

Posted by JR Huntington
on May 30, 2018
  Our first event had over 100 cars in attendance. This next one, with warmer weather, should be an even better turnout. ... Read more

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Show Us Your Build!

Posted by Michael Roselli
on May 30, 2018
There are so, so many custom projects out there in the world, and if you're someone who's building something cool, unique, and ... Read more

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Why You Should Do A Track Day If You Haven't Already

Posted by Michael Roselli
on May 29, 2018
Ever see those videos that say "professional driver, closed course?" That could be you. Well, so long as you follow a few steps first. ... Read more

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How Lime Rock Park's Spectators Supported FCP Euro This Weekend

Posted by Michael Roselli
on May 28, 2018
When I asked Nate Vincent, driver of our #72 GTI TCR, how he was doing this weekend, he summed it up in one word: "Busy." With two races on ... Read more

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How To Work On Your Car When You Have Kids

Posted by Nate Vincent
on May 23, 2018
The two biggest reasons that people don't work on their own vehicle is knowledge and time. Knowledge is pretty easy to acquire these days, ... Read more

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Here's What Happened At The 2018 Supplier Training Expo

Posted by Kyle Bascombe
on May 15, 2018
  It was eventful from the moment we boarded the plane.... Read more

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How To Make The Most Of Memorial Day Weekend At Lime Rock Park

Posted by Michael Roselli
on May 14, 2018
This is going to be one for the history books. ... Read more

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