Grassroots Motorsports E30 318iS Project - What's Up with the Engine?

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As much as the GRM crew wanted to keep this E30 mostly stock inside and out, upon inspecting the engine that whole plan had to be thrown out the window....

Grassroots Motorsports E30 318iS Project - Cleaning Up the Ol' Girl

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Although Grassroots Motorsports' E30 318iS project car still does not run, any engine work had to wait until the car got a thorough cleaning - both inside and out.  ...

Grassroots Motorsports E30 318iS Project - The Beginning

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We share a lot in common with the folks at Grassroots Motorsports.  Whether it's on a long weekend drive, or a personal vacation, or traveling to races, we're constantly checking classified ads ...

Show Us Your Build!

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There are so, so many custom projects out there in the world, and if you're someone who's building something cool, unique, and out-of-the-box, we want to hear from you—to help you show it off to the ...

To save or not to save... a Volvo 242 story

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Part 1: Accidentally Find a Project Car Somehow the Craigslist ad for this 1976 242 came to my attention. I sell Volvo parts on ebay, part out cars, and refurbish worn out 240’s as a side business, ...

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