Thank You

Blog Feature

No sale, no gimmicks, just thank you. 

People before profits is the first core value of our business, and we truly live by it. That goes for our employees, our vendors, our families and to you, our customers. 

This time of year, eCommerce companies constantly push out sales surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Week, promoting the best deals of the year to drive profits to the bottom line. And sure, we do that too (and it truly is our best deals of the year), but that's not the point of the holiday, and not the reason we're here today. 

We have a lot to be thankful for at FCP Euro. We have a healthy business that's grown by 66% since last year, we've extended our family to a total of 80 employees, and have been able to do all of that while maintaining the highest-level of customer service possible. None of that could exist without our awesome employees, family, friends, vendors and customers who continue to support us and help FCP Euro grow and serve the community.



So, this year, we'd like to thank all of you for every purchase, retweet, Facebook like, YouTube subscription, Instagram follow and sticker slapped onto the back of a European car. 

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. 

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