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FCP Euro hosts second-annual Vendor Awards, presents nine key vendors with awards recognizing successful 2019 partnerships. 

For Immediate Release - September 14, 2019, Milford, CT -- For the second year in a row, FCP Euro hosts over 30 key vendors at their all-new Experience Center in Milford, CT for the 2019 FCP Euro Vendor Awards.

2019 marks another monumental year for FCP Euro, with 55% year-over-year growth. Part of this growth is due to their strong relationships with key vendors combined with the rapid expansion of their employee base and the opening of their Experience Center. This time last year, FCP Euro hosted Vendor Awards in what would later become their Experience Center, setting the stage for the 2019 year. 

FCP Euro presented eight vendors with awards for Genuine Parts, Manufacturer, Business Support, Technical, Breakthrough Growth, Training, Marketing, and Overall Vendor of the Year. The respective leaders from FCP Euro presented each award to the companies. 

Category: Genuine Vendor of the Year
Presenter: Ray Muratori
Winner: Valenti Auto Group

"Genuine parts are at the heart of FCP Euro's business. Choosing a partner in this category is not an easy task, but we have managed to collaborate with stores, both locally and across the country, that all go above and beyond to service our account. When the FCP Euro team was polled as to what makes a truly great genuine parts provider, the results were almost unanimous. High-level customer service, exceptional logistical support and accuracy, proactive communication, and a desire to build and grow with FCP Euro all topped the list. As the results for Genuine Vendor of the Year started rolled in, there was one clear winner. It’s a dealer we have been purchasing from for over a decade, one who always works to accommodate our requests and one who’s proven to be a true partner. This has lead to doubling our purchases over the last year. We would like to congratulate FCP Euro’s 2019 Genuine Vendor of the Year, Valenti Auto Group."

Category: Manufacturer Vendor of the Year
Presenter: Chris Mueller
Winner: Akebono Brake Corporation

"When the FCP Euro Team got together to discuss what the criteria should be for our manufacturer partner of the year award, two things came to mind, the first of which being quality. As I’m sure you all know, quality is extremely important to us and has been an integral part of our business, strategy, and culture for a very long time. We embody this throughout the organization with a very simple and straightforward approach; constantly taking the stance that "if we wouldn't put it on our car, we won’t sell it to you."

Secondly, we considered strategic alignment and desire for growth. Throughout 2019, this vendor has stood by our side each step of the way. Not only is their product offering of the highest quality and in demand, they also go the extra mile to preach the gospel and represent the FCP Euro brand to the masses. Whether it’s at one of our Motorsport events, interacting with our customers during cars/coffee, or checking in to see how they are performing, they are eager and willing to support FCP Euro in any and all capacities.

I'm excited to announce the 2019 manufacturer of the year, Akebono Brake Corporation."


Category: Business Support Vendor of the Year
Presenter: Rob DiCola
Winner: CRP Industries

"The business support partner is awarded to a vendor who truly understands and supports our business inside and out. 

Whether that be accommodating FCP Euro through all 3 fulfillment methods, receiving and delivering numerous stock shipments throughout the week, supporting our company through our five major sales each year, or manufacturing high-quality products our customers love, this vendor has been by our side each step of the way. 

We challenge each other, support each other, respect each other, and grow with each other. I’m honored to award this year’s business support partner award to CRP Industries."


Category: Technical Vendor of the Year
Presenter: Mike Rivera
Winner: CTA Manufacturing

"This year I have the privilege to present the technical support vendor of the year award. 

This recognition we give to the strategic partner who works very closely with the FCP Euro product team. By not only working towards enhancing our catalog with products that solve common issues but to further cement our brand within the “do-it-yourself” community. Our hands-on, real-world feedback, coupled with their network and R&D have brought to market new and innovative products catered to the DIY enthusiast. 

In deciding this years recipient, we looked at partners who truly stood out in terms of product integration, collaboration, R&D times, communication and feedback.

I’m proud to announce the 2019 Technical Support Vendor of the Year, for the second year in a row, CTA Tools."


Category: Breakthrough Growth Vendor of the Year
Presenter: Alex Frank
Winner: ZF Aftermarket

"The Breakthrough Growth award is given to the partner that achieved not only remarkable growth through the year, but did it sustainably, preparing themselves and FCP Euro for years of continued success together.

This team worked alongside us through some remarkable opportunities, and in parallel grew purchases over 200% across six brands since the last FCP Euro Vendor Awards ceremony.

It’s absolutely incredible, so today I am proud to announce that the 2019 Breakthrough Growth Vendor of the Year is ZF Aftermarket


Category: Training Vendor of the Year
Presenter: Joe Coppola
Winner: Meyle

"The training vendor of the year award goes to the vendor that exceeds FCP Euros already high expectations when it comes to training and development. As some of you may know one of our core values is 'Teachers before Titles,' where CEOs, Presidents and Directors alike, take the time to teach everyone at FCP Euro about every aspect of the business regardless of titles. The winner of this award exemplified that core value in spades. They have been on site countless times for product and technical training for both our customer experience team and catalog development team. They are always quick with an answer over email or a call when a question arises that requires immediate attention. The support we receive from this vendor has made a tremendous impact on our company and our culture. I am proud to announce the 2019 training vendor of the year award goes to Meyle."


Category: Marketing Vendor of the Year
Presenter: Kyle Bento

"When choosing the award for Marketing Vendor of the year, we look for the vendor that best helps European car owners have a more enjoyable and enduring ownership experience.

Each and every person in this room has had a meaningful impact on working towards that vision. Together, we've helped our customers find the right part, at the right price, and get it quickly. However, one vendor has stood apart through: regular attendance in events giving customers one-to-one brand experience, direct collaboration in the campaigning of new product lines, and opening up their facilities to us so we could help share their brand's brands.

That's why I'm proud to announce LIQUI MOLY as FCP Euro's Marketing Vendor of the year."


Category: Vendor of the Year
Presenter: Nick Bauer
Winner: Corteco

As the President Founder of this company, I am honored and grateful we’ve been able to build such great partnerships with nearly all of you in this room. Now the seven awards we just presented touch across all areas of our business, and are key to supporting our continued growth. We designed the vendor of the year to go to the vendor that touched each and every one of these areas and scored high in a few.

Going back to November of last year, we got together to kick the tires with this vendor and came up with an aggressive plan on both fronts that required 100% commitment from both companies. The plan entailed: inventory build-outs from both parties, heavy emphasis on brand building on both companies that would entail face to face customer activation, and an extensive catalog build-out and research from both teams.

I'm proud to say that by working and leaning in together we nailed it. Their team traveled tens-of-thousands of miles to be with us side by side more than ten events throughout the year, touching thousands of potential customers. Their team welcomed us to their facilities in the USA and Europe. Their team was quick to resolve issues early on with constant communication. Their team actively utilizes the data that we provide. This year we are seeing breakthrough growth, the brand sales are going to be 400% increase!

I am pleased to announce the FCP Euro 2019 Vendor of the Year award goes to Corteco."



FCP Euro Media Contact:  Evan Madore, Staff Writer -

About FCP Euro:
FCP Euro is a B2C online retailer of OEM and Genuine Parts for European cars. Launched online in 2001, FCP Euro expanded online under the leadership of CEO Scott Drozd and President Nick Bauer. Drozd and Bauer further expanded FCP Euro by developing a website that listed an online catalog of European car parts, kitted projects, and do-it-yourself instructions for customers. In 2019 FCP Euro expanded to over 100,000 square feet in Milford CT which includes a state of the art distribution center, a customer experience and community center, a professional motorsport garage, and advanced walk-in retail shop and automated locker systems for local customers.

Written by :
Evan Madore

Writer/Editor at FCP Euro and owner of a daily R53 MINI Cooper, a track-built R53 MINI, and a 1997 Dakar Yellow E36 M3 Sedan. ••• Instagram: @evan.madore

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