How To Fix The Alarm Siren Code of Death - Volvo S60

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So I had just finished up replacing the alternator on our 2004 Volvo S60 content car, shot the ending scene to our Volvo DIY Repair Video, turned the ignition key to pull the car our of our DIY Content space, when all of the sudden the alarm comes on. Well that's weird. Now normally I would panic in a situation like this, thinking, hey, maybe I pinched a wire somewhere that somehow shorted the alarm siren. But, that's a long shot. Now, normally you can just unlock the doors, re-lock, then unlock again or better yet just insert the key into the ignition and start the engine to get the alarm to turn off.

But it just. kept. going.

So, as embarrassed as I was, driving the S60 out of our content space with the alarm going off and passers-by staring at me while I popped the trunk and disconnected the battery, I still didn't panic, for two reasons:

  1. I can prove that I didn't steal the car should the Milford, CT police show up.
  2. I remembered that I was getting the infamous " Alarm System Service required" message on the dash.

So out comes the scan tool and not to my surprise the car has a UEM-0004 Siren Communication Fault, the code of death. The car needs a new alarm siren. 

So why is the alarm siren such a common problem on these cars? Well, I could just come out and tell you that its because of the failure of the internal backup battery that resides inside of the alarm siren assembly which starts to leak acid over time and pours directly on top of the circuit board, but, that's kind of boring. So, I figured I'll just show you. #becausecutoffwheel

Once I cut the alarm siren in half, I carefully pulled out the battery and circuit board for further inspection, with gloves of course, because anything that corrodes a circuit board just can't be good for your skin. You can clearly see where the acid had leaked out from the photo on the right, and where it eventually ended up on the left.

At this point, just replace the siren with a new unit which is plug and play meaning there is no software download necessary.

Not sure how to replace it? Watch our DIY Video here:



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