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For the past few years, the New England Dust Off has been taking over Thompson Motor Speedway, bringing together some of the coolest Dubs and Audis in the area.

The Dust Off was the second show we got to attend this year and it seemed as though the bad weather from the UC3 show followed us. But, that didn't stop the dedicated VDub crowd from showing up in full force.

Braving the wind and rain allowed us to reap many rewards - rewards in the form of air cooled flat-fours and sixes, cars with their bumpers sitting on the ground, shaved engine bays with sparkling motors, and some of the coolest (and cleanest) wheels this side of the Mississippi.

There were tons of beautiful cars at the show, but the FCP Euro crew chose 5 standouts from the 2018 New England Dust Off.

 Best Classic Car



While walking around the infield at Thompson Motor Speedway, we stumbled upon this showstopper. This classic Bug caught our eyes with its super low stance, beautiful two-tone paint job, and stunning engine bay. It's all about the little things with this German machine, and they culminate to make this car easily one of the most beautiful Beetles we've seen in a while. Check it out below.


We'd love to have this as a wind-up toy for ourselves!




Those wheels are just icing on the cake...

Best Modern Car


Attention to detail is what catches our eyes, and this B5 Passat echoes that rhetoric loud and clear. We can get behind that beautiful shaved engine bay with a color matched engine cover and silver accents. Along with its very laid back interior. 


Angry Orchard tap as a shifter... Nice touch


Honorable Mentions

We really enjoyed seeing both of these beautiful builds at the show, so we decided that they absolutely need to be mentioned in this blog article. While we're completely smitten with the patina'd Green Machine pictured first, we just can't get that oh-so-clean MKII GTI off of our minds. We'll just show you both of them and let you choose which one is your favorite.




Very spooky sight, definitely startled a few people passing by...

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

The cleanliness here is 10/10, bellissimo.

Best in Show

The winner of this award was very difficult to choose, how can we possibly just pick one car out of all the machines we saw to be the best? Well, when we stumbled upon this Rabbit, it stood out in a way that we just could not explain. We'll let these pictures do all the talking.


Of course you have to send a shout-out to mom after you win best in show (and mom is definitely proud).



Those wheels are the epitome of cool. What you didn't get to see was this gentleman putting the car on jack stands so he can make sure all wheels were oriented the same way (that attention to detail folks).


And to top it off... Some lobsters adding flair to the interior.

Big Thanks to the Dust Off Crew!

Overall, we had one hell of a time at the 2018 New England Dust Off. Although it was quite sad and gloomy out for most of the day, we were able to give out a ton of free swag while meeting hundreds of people. Thanks to everyone that attended the show - because of you all - we are extremely excited for next year's event and can't wait to see the Dust Off grow even further. Check out the full event album on our Facebook page to see even more photos!

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Written by :
JR Huntington

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