The Coolest Cars At Our May 2018 Cars And Coffee

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VW Rabbit

We had over 150 cars in attendance. Here are our favorites.


2018 Volkswagen GTI TCR

Yeah, we're biased, but it's pretty cool our VW GTI TCR was in attendance. This is the first year we've owned them, and it's neat to see it not only ripping around the track, but at car shows (even if that car show is in our parking lot).


Suzuki Samurai

This crazy rotary-powered Suzuki Samurai just blew our minds. 700+ horsepower, street-legal drag radials in the rear, and a bunch of other goodies that overall added up to one of the most unique and coolest cars that has ever been at our facility, period.


Volkswagen Van

It's a VW Van. That is the beginning and end of the explanation as to why it's cool.


Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible

FCP Euro Customer Service Associate Jess Raison's Rabbit! It's just super clean and cool and we love seeing it around the lot, even when there's not a cars and coffee.



BMW E30 M3


Audi S4

Frankly, there were so many cool rides there it's impossible for us to mention each one in a post. That's why we have a Facebook gallery up to see the rest.

Check out the FULL Album!

Tag your friends, and thanks to all those who came out! The next Cars and Coffee at our facility (155 Hill Street, Milford, CT 06460) will be on July 29, 2018.

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