The Final Push - Motorsport Monday - Episode 1

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We're kicking off our 2018 motorsports season with a weekly vlog called Motorsport Monday. 

There is a lot of work that goes into building, maintaining, and refreshing a racecar. Sleepless nights, late-night part runs, and skipped meals are just some of the pitfalls of having to do a lot of work in a little amount of time. 

But, it's also a lot of fun—not to mention the payoff of racing an actual purpose-built racecar at the end. 

So, here at FCP Euro, we've created a new weekly show called "Motorsport Monday" that documents all that goes into building our Mercedes C300 racecar—the good moments and the bad. 

This week, luckily, there was more good than bad. We're on schedule to make it to Road Atlanta this weekend for the inaugeral American Endurance Race of the 2018 season. 



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