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Have you heard? We're expanding our facility to include a brand-new, 18,000 square-foot Customer Experience Center equipped with a full motorsports facility, content studio, 24-hour parts pickup and more. Just last week, most of the walls had only been framed. In this week's episode, we cover some of the back office logistics as to how our teams will operate inside the new facility along with the new retail and pickup center. 

Throughout our 18,000 square-foot expansion, there are tons of hidden little Easter eggs that will make logistics easier for our employees working out of the space. One of them is hidden right when customers walk into the pick up lobby, and that's the width of the door between the motorsport facility and the pick up space. If it looks wider than normal, that's because it is. The door is 84-inches wide, while a Volkswagen GTI TCR is 81-inches wide. That wasn't a coincidence, and was purpose-built so that we can fit our VW GTI TCRs into the new customer pickup center without completely disassembling them. 


Another neat feature of the customer experience center buildout is the closet that separates the content studio from the pickup center. One of the things we've realized since opening our parts pickup is that customers often need to pickup bulk items like exhausts that wouldn't normally fit inside a cart or a cabinet. This space will serve two roles, both as an oversized pickup closet as well as the equipment closet for the content team. Ample outlets ensure all the cameras, microphones, and peripherals have a place to charge overnight. 


Last but not least, we move to the kitchen of the customer experience center. While it doesn't have a stove or oven, this space will function as a break room for the employees working in the space and will also serve as a place to host a buffet counter or bar during events. Since we're over 100 employees now, eating lunch during company meetings is a chore in our current facility so anytime we have events, we'll all gather into this new, open area to converse and congregate. 


We can't wait to move into the new customer experience center and share it with the community. Check out the video below for part ten of Alex's walkthrough and make sure to subscribe for updates.




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Written by :
Michael Roselli

Michael Roselli is FCP Euro's Content Director

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