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Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a professional racing team from the ground up? Whether it be the vision for the program, funding, logistics, or even just what happens after the race, all of these steps are traditionally shielded from the average enthusiast and viewer. The Paddock, our motorsport video series, focuses on exactly that and we've kicked off season two to show you what it takes to make it all happen. 

If you've watched Season Two, Episode One and Season Two, Episode Two (which you really should if you haven't), you know all the work that goes into funding and organizing a motorsports program and, more specifically, all the work that goes into funding, organizing, and actually running a motorsports program within FCP Euro. And if you've watched Season Two, Episode Three (which you also really should if you haven't), you know the mechanical hurdles we had to overcome in order to compete (and podium) in the second race of the 2019 season. We literally had to replace motor and engine mounts five minutes before a race. We gave new meaning to "cutting it close." 

The third episode from this season focuses on our race at the Streets of St. Petersberg in sunny Florida. Since this was our first street course, we highlighted the logistics of what it takes to turn a town into a street course. From loading in material, building grandstands, even having divers from the local fire department stationed in the water just in case a driver went off track—the steps necessary to race there from a logistical standpoint are as vast as they are complicated. 

But nothing compared to the racing in terms of excitement. With tight corners, no room for runoff, and nearly a hundred thousand Indycar fans in the stands watching, it was proper TCR touring car racing on a street course as it should be. With the Hyundai Veloster N from COTA out of the running, we gave our fans the best show they never asked for. 


Like The Paddock? Don't like it? Let us know in the comments below. If you'd like to find out more about where our team will be, and when we'll be there, visit out new events.fcpeuro.com page. And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all the latest episodes. 

To tune in live on-track at VIR this weekend, visit race.fcpeuro.com for the live stream. Saturday at 3:50pm EST and Sunday at 3:10pm EST.

News, Deals, and DIY's for your car

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Michael Roselli

Michael Roselli is FCP Euro's Content Director

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