This Team Shipped More Packages This Week Than Any Other In Company History

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It's Cyber Week here at FCP Euro, and we are BUSY!

By now, we hope you've taken advantage of all the awesome deals we had on our site. And while we hope your shopping experience was as easy as a couple clicks done from the comfort of your own home, there's actually a domino-effect of real-life, physical movements behind-the-scenes here at FCP Euro that happen immediately after you press "order" to make sure you get your parts on time. Here's some of the crew that makes all those movements happen. 


Chris, our Distribution Center Manager, looking longingly at his computer. 


Kyle and Darren, always ready for the camera. 


Kevin putting in work. 


Sal, Mike, and Alex, better known as the Three Stooges. 


Pat, preparing our favorite fluid LIQUI MOLY for easier picking. We bag everything ahead of time so we can pack boxes faster.


Ken, quite literally going the extra mile. 


Nick lining up the orders, ready to pick. 


We'd be here all day (and all week) showing the faces of those who work to get our parts to your car as fast as possible. To check out the rest of the gallery, head on over to our Facebook page (click here) to see some more of the team. 

And, for the record, this week we've done 1,985 packages on Monday, 2,001 on Tuesday, and 1,437 orders on Wednesday. That's 5,423 orders so far but hey, who's counting? We'll update the post with the grand total at the end of the day on Saturday. 

Happy Cyber Week!

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