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Launching in 2010, the MK6 VW GTI is the sixth generation GTI produced by Volkswagen, and currently is one of the best value cars you can buy. Now nearly ten years old, there are a few things you should watch out for when buying, owning, or before you begin repairing a MK6 Volkswagen GTI. 

In the video below, Alex Frank and Ben Marouski take you through five of the most important (and common) maintenance items for the Volkswagen MK6 GTI with the use of 3D diagrams and actual parts off of the GTI. The 3D parts diagrams give a unique look into the systems that otherwise wouldn't be seen, making the job that much easier when it comes time to service/replace them.




Five Most Common Maintenance Items:

VW MK6 GTI Timing Chain Tensioner

VW MK6 GTI Guide Timing Chain Tensioner

VW MK6 GTI Waterpump

VW MK6 GTI Guide Water Pump

VW MK6 GTI Intake Manifold

VW MK6 GTI Guide Intake Manifold


VW MK6 GTI PCV Oil Separator

VW MK6 GTI Guide PCV Oil Separator


VW MK6 GTI Coil Packs

VW MK6 GTI Guide Coil Packs



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Evan Madore

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