Video: Volvo Oil Pan Kit- Really Quick Product Review - (S60, V70)

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Welcome to Really Quick Product Reviews, a new series where members of the FCP Euro staff quickly review key parts and kits in our catalog. This week, Volvo Catalog Manager Jay Van Gorden walks us through a Volvo Oil Pan Kit


One of the most common things we see on Volvo P2 chassis, both the five-cylinder and six-cylinder models, is the breather box clogging up at the bottom. If you have a P2 chassis Volvo and don't know whether or not this has been replaced, or checked, you should go out to your car and check as soon as possible. Leaving it unattended could become problematic. 

When the breather box gets clogged, a high-pressure environment develops in the crank case, which is not great. And luckily, lots of P2 chassis Volvo owners are cognizant of this, and replace their breather box immediately. But that doesn't always solve the problem, since there's more to it. 


Because there's a channel that goes from the breather box into the block, and then from the block down into the oil pan, the problem can't be just isolated to the breather box. Typically, what we see is people replacing the breather box while still experiencing high crank case pressure. The next thing they do is drop the oil pan, and because the channel that's inside it gets clogged up, people then clean out the channel. Even then, this wouldn't totally solve the problem, because you've basically lifted all the material and gunk in that channel to circulate in your engine. Not great. 

The easiest solution, unfortunately, is to replace the entire oil pan, which is where our kit comes in. Included are all the gaskets you'll need, as well as the pan, which is roughly half the cost of what a genuine unit would be. Just click this link to see all the parts included in the kit listed on our site.  


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