Volvo P2 Brake Pedal Position Sensor Replacement

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Is your check engine light on? Does your DIM display give the message "Engine System Service Required"? Do you have an ECM-9400 code stored in the vehicle? It sounds like you need a new brake pedal position sensor.

When driving, If the engine control module registers a malfunction on the brake pedal sensor's circuit, the brake light switch circuit, or on the CAN-communication between the brake control module and the engine control module, the diagnostic trouble code is generated.

The good news is that the sensor is relatively inexpensive and can be installed by any DIY'er in under 20 mins. Also, the ECM DTC can be cleared from the vehicle using our iCarsoft scan tool.

Learn How To Replace The Sensor

                 Be sure to click the below video to see how the sensor is removed and installed.

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