How To Replace The Rear Shocks And Mounts On A Volvo S60

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Volvo S60 Rear Shocks

As your vehicle ages, its suspension components wear out which can cause noise over bumps, poor handling, uneven tire wear, sloppy steering response and poor braking. Thanks to CRP and their Rein branded upper mounts, we were able to restore factory performance and feel to our 2004 S60 content car with the help of some OE Sachs rear shocks.

CRP's Rein upper shock mounts are OEM quality which can provide the same performance and feel as a Genuine Volvo unit however at a much lower price point. When paired up with the OE Sachs rear shocks, replacing these two components will have the rear end of your Volvo feeling like new.

Installation on our 2004 Volvo S60 2.5T FWD was incredibly simple. With that said, our content car is in fact a front wheel drive model in which installation is much easier compared to the AWD models. In any event, if your Volvo has over 100k miles on it, it's a great time to install a new set of rear shocks and mounts. You'll feel an immediate difference.

How Do I Install Them?

See below to watch our DIY repair video which shows your step by step instructions.

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