Volvo S60 Sway Bar Link Removal & Installation

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All Volvo P2 chassis vehicles like the Volvo S60 are notorious for having front and rear anti Volvo sway bar end link failures. These components are located at both the front of the vehicle and at the rear and can make a ton of noise when they wear out. The construction of the units are simplistic consisting of a metal tube with two ball joints at the ends. The reason for failure is that over time the ball sockets/ball become worn out and develop play.

When shopping for replacement sway bar links you can be faced with a few different options and determining which brand to go with can be a bit of a tough decision unless you know what your looking for.

Do you go with the Genuine Volvo unit which is sourced from the dealership network of Volvo Parts and comes in the blue Volvo box or do you go with an OE/OEM/Aftermarket option, and why?

While the Genuine Volvo unit is of great quality, it usually comes with a great price tag as well.

Why? Because of the blue box. Yes, really. You can purchase the OE Lemforder units for a fraction of the cost and get the SAME component.

Volvo Sway Bar Link Replacement Heavy Duty, OE, OEM, Genuine, Factory, Symptoms

What I mean by that is that Lemforder is contracted by Volvo to make the sway bar links and whether you purchase a Genuine Volvo unit or a Lemforder unit, the product is 100% identical.

This is my personal choice when looking for a factory replacement. Additionally, TRW and Lemforder are owned by the same parent company, ZF, and the quality can be comparable. You can learn more about Genuine to OE on our OE Academy at FCP Euro.

Another option would be going with an Aftermarket unit. While we do have the economy Karlyn branded version, I'd recommend to opt for the Meyle HD. The reason being is that the Meyle HD version is a heavier duty version of the original. Meyle typically takes a failed OE component, analyzes its failures, then improves the design to make it a more durable unit.

Volvo Sway Bar Link Replacement Heavy Duty, OE, OEM, Genuine, Factory, Symptoms

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