Volvo S60 Transmission Drain & Fill Service

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We had just finished up all of the engine work on our 2004 Volvo S60 2.5T content car when we decided it was time to start working on the drive-train. With 151K miles on the car, we thought it was a good idea to start with the transmission fluid.

Clean transmission fluid is essential to the operation of your Volvo S60 transmission. The fluid over time can break down and become contaminated with clutch material and damage other parts on your Volvo. Also, the detergent can lose its cleaning properties which can cause shift solenoids to malfunction due to carbon buildup.  The transmission fluid in your P2 Chassis Volvo should be changed every 52,500k miles and is fairly simple process taking no longer than a half hour to complete the drain and fill service. While a complete flush is possible, Volvo doesn't recommend to flush out all of the fluid.

This Blog applies to all the P2 chassis models with a 5 cylinder engine except for those found in the S60R and V70R. 

Tools Needed:

  1.  Long thin funnel
  2. 24mm Socket
  3. Ratchet
  4. 12mm Socket

Fluid Needed:

  1. 4 Liters of JWS 3309 approved transmission fluid
  2. NOTE: See video below as not all the fluid will be used. 

Let's Begin:

  1. Jack the car up so you can access the transmission drain plug. Be sure to use jack stands to properly support the car for your safety.
  2. Remove the 12mm bolts securing the splash pan if equipped
  3. Remove the 24mm bolt located on the bottom of the transmission to remove the fluid. Volvo Transmission Drain and Fill S60 Drain Plug
  4. Once the fluid has been drained, replace the 24mm bolt with a new drain plug washer and tighten.
  5. Reinstall your splash pan
  6. Remove the plastic fresh air pipe from the bottom of the air box
  7. Remove the transmission dipstick
  8. Insert the funnel into the dipstick tube
  9. Install your new fluid.Volvo Transmission Drain and Fill S60
  1. Reinstall your dipstick and the fresh air hose
  2. Lower the car and drive around the block.
  3. Check the fluid level and adjust.

Check out our DIY Repair Video for reference:


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