Volvo S60 Turbo Boost Hose Replacement

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Like any rubber hose on a Volvo S60, turbocharger boost hoses can become worn and deformed over time from both age and in some cases, oil residue. Replacing your boost hoses is great preventative maintenance because if one of these hoses were to fail, your car will lose a significant amount of power making it feel like the car is in limp home mode. Just imagine pulling out of a rest stop area, laying into the pedal in order to merge onto the freeway when all of a sudden you lose all power. Things can get scary pretty quickly.

Volvo Turbocharger Boost Hose Replacement Upper Lower

The good news is that these hoses are extremely easy to replace on your P2 chassis Volvo 5 cylinder engines. The turbocharger boost hoses are located in very easy to access areas and are held in by just two clamps. The rear hose is located just above the turbocharger at the rear of the engine and acts more or less like a coupler between the turbo and the boost pressure pipe. The second hose resides on the other end of the pressure pipe and connects to the S60 intercooler. We prefer to use the Rein intercooler hoses as they're an OEM supplier meaning they are of the same quality as the Genuine Volvo S60 boost hoses but at a significantly better price point than many other Volvo parts.

Volvo Turbocharger Boost Hose Replacement Upper Lower

Not Sure How To Replace The Hoses? Let us show you how.

Volvo Upper Boost Hose Replacement: 


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