Volvo P2 S60 Inner & Outer Tie Rod End Replacement

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Volvo inner & outer tie rods are essentially the link between your steering rack and your steering knuckle. These tie rods contain an integrated ball joint which wears out over time and leads to play in the wheel. Here's how to replace them.  

Volvo S60 inner tie rod end

When looking for play, jack up the front of your car and with two hands wiggle the wheel left and right. If the ball tie rods are worn, you'll feel the play within the wheel. If the play is more towards the inside closest to the steering rack it's the inner tie rod end what is worn. If the play is more towards the wheel, it's the outer tie rod end that will need to be replaced.

Volvo S60 outer tie rod end

When this play develops you'll get sloppy steering response and unever tire wear. Another thing to look out for is worn tie rod rubber boots. If your boots are ripped, its only a matter of time before the joint fails as dirt, debri, and moisture will destroy it. 

However, inner tie rod ends tend to be mis-diagnosed very often. It's very common to feel play in what feels like the inner tie rod but in reality it's actualy play within the steering rack. One quick way to prevent a mis-diagnosis is to have a helper wiggle the weel while you put your hand on the inner tie rod. If the play is side to side, you'll need a new tie rod. If the play is up and down movement, the steering rack & pinion will need to be replaced. 

Tools Needed:

  1. Inner tie rod removal and installation tool
  2. Oetiker hose clamp pliers
  3. 21mm wrench
  4. 21mm socket
  5. 18mm socket
  6. 13mm wrench
  7. Low thin flathead screwdriver
  8. Channel lock pliers

 How Do I Replace The Tie Rod Ends On My Volvo?

Easy. First, check out the S60 tie rod kits available on

Next, click play on the video below:


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