Volvo S60 Side Marker Lamp Replacement

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If you know Volvo parts, then you know that a broken side marker lens is not all that uncommon esopecially on something like the Volvo S60. In fact, I challenge you to find at least one Volvo on the road that has either a missing or a broken lamp after reading this blog.

So Why Do Volvo Side Marker Lenses Break?

Over time the glue that separates the two halves of the lamp becomes loose and brittle which eventually causes the unit to fall apart. Another common problem would be that the locking tabs in the light socket break off.  In any event, replacing a broken lamp may not only save you from getting a ticket, but it'll boost your credit on the streets as well. Let's face it, no one wants to talk to you if you have a busted up marker lamp.

So ow do you replace a Volvo S60 side marker lens?


We have you covered with the side marker for your Volvo and our DIY Repair video below:


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