Video: Watch The Faces Of People Riding In A GTI TCR For The First Time

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Last week, we installed a passenger seat in our Volkswagen GTI TCRs and gave hot laps at Lime Rock Park to our VIP guests. Here are their reactions:

"One hot hatch on a hazy day." 

"Oh, it was fun."

"Every single time, I thought 'We're gonna crash, we're gonna crash, this is it, it's been real!'"

"It was awesome, incredible brakes. Nicely done."

"Really glad I did that."


These are just a few of the quotes and comments various guests had to say when exiting our Volkswagen GTI TCR for the first time.

Despite it's size, Lime Rock Park is the fastest road racing circuit in North America. The 1.5-mile course provides an immense amount of elevation changes, g-forces, and speed for it's size. All of our guests certainly felt those aspects of the track in the GTI TCRs last week. 

Check out the video below to see the reactions of all our guests cresting the uphill, entering the downhill, and experiencing exactly how much grip those Pirelli slicks can provide around the corners of Lime Rock Park. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos every week. 




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