Watch Volkswagen's Record-Breaking Pikes Peak Run From Inside The Car

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The video footage just doesn't do the run justice. 

We knew several weeks ago, the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak had smashed the previous year's record of the world famous "race to the clouds" by a full 16 seconds. We also knew that Volkswagen had onboard footage of the run, but didn't know when exactly they'd release it—until now.

The video Volkswagen put together is a side-by-side mashup of the onboard camera within the cockpit, riding along with Romain Dumas, and the footage from the chase helicopter. But it doesn't do the run justice. Not one bit.

Dumas' average speed was 93.7 miles per hour, with increased acceleration and braking forces due to the electric motors—none of which seems apparent in the video below. It just looks kind of...peaceful. Credit the lack of internal-combustion exhaust and whine from a straight-cut sequential gearbox in terms of sensory deprivation.  



Watch for yourself. Does this run look like it broke the previous year's record by 16 seconds? Let us know in the comments below. 

Regardless, it was one of the greatest feats in motorsport, and a huge advancement for electric vehicle performance. We can't wait to see what Volkswagen does at Pikes Peak next year. 

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