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Holiday Gift Guide

 It's time to spice up your desktop. 


Welcome to our weekly edition of weekend wallpaper, where we attempt to remove whatever boring standard desktop wallpaper came with your computer—or phone, or tablet, or any other device with a screen—and replace it with something better. Something, preferably, with four wheels and a fantastic exhaust note. This week, we're featuring a beautiful 1991 Porsche 964 Carrera C2 Cabriolet photographed by our developer, Denis Ivanov. 


The 964 was an interesting period for Porsche and, particularly, the 911. Borrowing technology pioneered on the 959, the 964 was originally introduced as a four-wheel drive model, with the "Carrera 2", arriving as a two-wheel drive variant a year later. Most enthusiasts will tell you the two-wheel drive model is the one to have, which this 964 in "Grand Prix White" most definitely is. 


Furthermore, this model is a cabriolet, offering both driver and passengers a way to fully experience the exhaust note exiting the 3.6L flat-six, mated to a five-speed gearbox. This generation of Porsche 911 was still air-cooled, which provides all the delicious pops, bangs, snarls, and hums from the exhaust that we all enjoy. When new, it made roughly 246 horsepower, while the 964 turbo made roughly 315 horsepower. If you check out the video linked below at the bottom of the post, you can hear some of that noise towards the end of the clip. 



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Michael Roselli

Michael Roselli is FCP Euro's Content Director

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