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Spring Brake Sale

Spring Brake Sale

We have enjoyed our time with Project Audi B7 S4, and in our initial review of the vehicle we discussed how it was just on loan to us from M&M Motors in Clinton, CT. We decided early on to keep repairs on this project vehicle centered around the ownership experience and to share what a potential owner would be looking at were they in the market for a similar vehicle. So, in our wrap up video, fellow Mercedes parts catalog manager Kyle Bascombe and I took the car out for our final review, going over our impressions and the road we took on our project vehicle.

A same chassis S4 can be had for anywhere between 10-14k in above average condition (the condition ours was delivered to us in), along with a good service history (knowing M&M to only sell vehicles in exceptional condition), and above average body shape considering their age. Now, pricing will of course vary in that range given the mileage and market. As AWD cars are in high demand here in New England, do not be surprised if a B7 S4 will be in the upper end of that spectrum.

With that said, what do you get for the money? In a nutshell that affords you Audi’s venerable AWD system, giving you the superior handling characteristics that Quattro provides you. But not only that, as many would say "Why not just get an A4 for half the money?" Well, an Audi A4 does not come with 340 naturally aspirated horsepower, nor would it give you the smile I have had on my face from driving this car for the past few months. If you are after one of these you are looking for the thrill that comes from driving a car as inspired as this.

This is an enthusiasts' car, plain and simple, a vehicle just as comfortable during the morning commute as it would be tearing up a back road. A sports sedan by any definition, a S4 is for the driver who wants dual and tri-purpose when they choose a used vehicle. The best analogy we could use to describe it is imagining a summer car you don't have to park in the fall, as it's just as capable in three inches of snow! Now, no car this good is without its flaws, and Kyle and I touched on the biggest concern to anyone looking to acquire one of these 4.2L cars, and what that means to your pocket book. We decided not to go into the repair or replacement of the timing chains as this car would not stay with us for enough time, but even that worst case scenario for a potential owner really isn’t that bad with the right guidance and the correct components.

Our subject car at 100K+ miles will fetch for more than $10K easily, and the addition of $1,500 more in parts will bring your price tag a bit higher still. But as many enthusiasts now know, we all stopped counting the dollars a long time ago!


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Written by :
Evan Madore

Writer/Editor at FCP Euro and owner of a daily R53 MINI Cooper, a track-built R53 MINI, and a 1997 Dakar Yellow E36 M3 Sedan. ••• Instagram: @evan.madore

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