What It's Like To Ruin A Mercedes - Dapper Drift Episode 7

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Imagine taking an angle grinder and a drill to a perfectly good fender. That's what it took to flare the fenders of the E55 AMG Drift Machine in the latest episode of Dapper Drift. 

There's something about a widebody kit that just kind of...works. Sure, there are bad examples of this out there in the automotive world, but a subtle, tasteful fender flare, especially when the car is black on black, gives it that extra bit of character. 

And that's exactly what Denis Ivanov, FCP Euro's in-house developer and resident drift expert, did to his 2003 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG—except he did the home-brewed version, hacking his fender with shop tools and some painter's tape.

In our ongoing video series, Dapper Drift, we follow Denis as he turns this run-of-the-mill E55 AMG into one of the coolest and most unique (and functional!) drift cars ever built. 

Check out episode seven below, and don't forget to subscribe to get all the new episodes pushed to your inbox. 

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