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This Sunday, we closed out our second Cars and Coffee of the year, following our largest ever that fell in conjunction with our Customer Experience Center grand opening. Our parking lot and lawn quickly filled inalmost matching the turnout of the grand opening. 

I'd like to lead off with a massive "thank you" to everyone who showed up, as well as all of the FCP Euro team who came back in to the office on a Sunday to make it happen. Throughout the morning we had multiple car clubs arrive in groups upward of twenty cars. We appreciate all of the support and can't get enough of the photos on all of the different groups' Instagram and Facebook accounts.

As impressive as the scale of Sunday's Cars and Coffee, was the diversity of the cars that showed upthere was everything from the barrage of bagged Audis, to a cluster of carbureted pickup trucks, and even this twin-turbo RUF-converted Porsche 935 in the photos below. Although we're a European car parts retailer, we appreciate and welcome every make and model vehicle to our events. It's always interesting to see what our customers drive when they're not driving the cars that we provide parts for.

So, rather than talking about what rolled up, we can just show you instead. All of the shots below and in this Facebook gallery are courtesy of our Product Photographer, Adonis Giantomidis.

FCP Euro Cars and Coffee RUF Porsche 935 Twin Turbo

FCP Euro Cars and Coffee RUF Porsche 935 Twin Turbo

FCP Euro Cars and Coffee RUF Porsche 935 Twin Turbo

FCP Euro Cars and Coffee Bagged Audi

FCP Euro Cars and Coffee Pickup truck

FCP Euro Cars and Coffee Mercedes-Benz Project

FCP Euro Cars and Coffee Lot Drone

FCP Euro Cars and Coffee Boston Brew Coffee

FCP Euro Cars and Coffee Bagged Yellow Audi

FCP Euro Cars and Coffee Dogs


If you'd like to see more photos and videos from our Cars and Coffee, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel, as well as follow us on Instagram and FacebookA full album from Sunday's show is available here

Did you want to stop by and not have a chance to? We'll be attending, and hosting, a handful of other events throughout the year which you can learn about more on our new  events.fcpeuro.com page.

And last, our VW GTI TCRs, unfortunately, weren't able to make it as they're still on the West Coast being prepped for our upcoming TC America race. If you were hoping to see them and would like to know more about them, we have a YouTube and Amazon Prime Video series, The Paddock, where you can learn more about the cars and the team behind them.

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Written by :
Evan Madore

Writer/Editor at FCP Euro and owner of a daily R53 MINI Cooper, a track-built R53 MINI, and a 1997 Dakar Yellow E36 M3 Sedan. ••• Instagram: @evan.madore

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